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London, It may be old and there are a lot of touristic spots, but if you look closer there are a lot of hidden gems in this city. It is suitable for any kind of photographer and there are a lot of things to do.


In the musea of London, hidden between the historic art, you find several photo exhibitions free of charge. I love the Albert & Victoria(Cromwell Rd), it has an extra opening with live music on Friday-nights until ten.

expo: Julia Margaret Cameron and Richard Learoyd: Dark Mirror (until February 2016)


Every borough in London has its own unique characteristics. You can go for the parks in the weekends where citizens sport and spend their free time. Or photograph the morning commute. Like I did in Canary Wharf.

hidden gems

If you look beyond the main streets you can find some wonderful hidden places. Like the St Martin-in-the-Fields church on Trafalgar Square. That has a peculiar window. Or get a ticket for the Roof Gardens, created by Landscape architect Ralph Hancock in 1938. It is the largest and most secret public rooftop garden and houses four Flamingos. Harder is to get tickets to the Aldwych ghost station, or the stairs of the London Townhouse. Search for events on your planned trip upfront.


There are lots of types of architecture in London, just look around, look up and go down. Like into to the passage to the Kings Cross Tube with an amazing light installation (entrance at King’s Blvd.). You can have hours of fun here. The Architecture & design open house in London is always in September.

Tourist attractions

You don’t have to avoid the typical English things and London attractions, just look from a different angle or photograph the tourists that are there.

Meeting other photographers

If you really want a unique experience through the lens of a local citizen, just meet one. You can make friends on Instagram or join a meetup like The London Instawalk or one of the other many photography meetups you can find online.


These are just a couple of places I visited during my stays. If you have places not to miss, please add them in the comments.

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