Roaming the streets of Roffa

© Thamar Kiemel

As a street-photographer I find it hardest to capture my own city. It is a combination of self-consciousness, habituation and because I am on my way, doing something else. Whenever I am in another city my senses are high, and I feel focussed, more confident and less watched (you could easily run into an acquaintance in your own hood).

Street-photography in particular needs a lot of practice, really, a ton of experience before you lose your boundaries and make your best work. So I promised myself to go out at least one day a week. Just roaming the streets of my beloved Rotterdam and go for it.

Like I said most of the images are only worth the practice. Still I am going to share my pics of my thirty minute walk. In the future I will check out spots to share with you that are worth camping for a good shot.

From this walk I will recommend: Hoogstraat in autumn with low light.

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