Rotterdam under water


While the mist still hangs among the buildings near de Maas and the Sun sends its rays hesitant over the water, we dive under water.

November is under water month  in Rotterdam. The municipality gave Instawalk010 and Urban Photo Collective the opportunity to discover this exciting underwater world first. Squeaking and creaking the impressively long escalators dives in the Maas Tunnel. We are preparing to descend even deeper.

Slowly and carefully we go down the steep iron stairs. Large boilers and winding tubes hide in many corners. Through a peephole in the door, we see the traffic racing through the tunnel. Deeper we go. Until we are in the deep darkness of the tunnel under the river. The continued pounding of the cars above our heads scares us in the dark. Flashlights flashes and cameras are clicking. The tension is released.

Back above ground we blink our eyes from the bright autumn light that shines through the trees. Our adventure takes us further towards the Erasmus Bridge. As this bridge raises impressive and majestic above the water and the city, as impressive is the huge basement under the giant of Rotterdam. Underneath we found the counterweight that keeps the bridge in balance.

When the bridge opens and the whole colossus is slowly coming down, we hold our breath. Alarms ringing and machines are rattling. Along the open bridge the blue sky and towers of Rotterdam emerges from the deep. With a sigh, the bridge closes and leaves a deafening silence behind. Until trams and cars take roaring en ringing possession of the bridge again.

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