Less is more

© Diana Bokje

Does this sound familiar to you? After an amazing event, you look to Instagram and Facebook you see they are flooded with dozens or sometimes hundreds of photos of the meeting.

During the first few pictures you react enthusiastically. What have other photographers seen that you missed?

At one point you can’t see the wood for the trees and your enthusiasm decreases. You don’t take a closer look of the rest of the photos. It’s a pity, because certainly some smashing photos will be hidden amongst them.

So the trick is to post only those photos which will blow the viewer away. You are looking for the WOW factor. How do you do that?


Step 1. Create overview.

Gather all your photos of this session topic by topic into the import folder.

Step 2. Trash it.

The easiest way is to collect all the photos which doesn’t make you happy. Photos that don’t show your intention or show some technical imperfection. Move them somewhere else out of sight.

Step 3. So that should clean up nicely.

Get yourself a cup of coffee and pass your eye over the remaining images once again. What images makes you happy? Gather the pictures which give you a Yes-feeling and collect them into a new folder.

Step 4. Now it gets tricky.

There might be still twenty pictures in your selection. Put them side by side on your screen and see which images immediately catch the eye. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why does the picture stick out?
  • What appeals to me in this picture?
  • Why is this picture better than the others?
  • Does the picture show what I want to communicate?
  • Does this picture show my own style?
© Diana Bokje
© Diana Bokje

Step 5. less is more

Select up to five photos which turn up the best answers. Make sure you only select one picture of each situation or topic.

Step 6. Gratification

Publish your photos on the Internet and enjoy all the likes and positive response. By only exhibiting your top photos, you show what a top photographer you are.

This is one way to select your photos. Do you have an other workflow? Share it with us.

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